The Vitro Tactile Battery Case is Multifaceted and Multifunctional

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: phenji & tuvie
Ah -- where to begin with the Vitro Tactile Battery Case? This innovative concept could have nearly as many impressive functions as it does tiles on its back. Twenty-three triangular tiles cover the rear of the smartphone protector, creating a textured surface that does more than stimulate the eyes and the fingertips.

The cutting-edge iPhone case serves as a supplementary battery pack that keeps your device powered up for longer between charges. You probably wouldn't guess this feature from the way that it looks, and nor would you be likely to predict its other hi-tech functions.

The electroactive polymer material responds to signals from the mobile phone, experiencing changes as some of the tiles rise up to 3 millimeters. The Vitro Tactile Battery Case communicates notifications this way so that the user can learn about appointments and messages received through his sense of touch.