Visual Permeability Pavilion Elevates Aerodynamic Designs

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: contemporist
The Visual Permeability Pavilion is perhaps one of the coolest practical outdoor seating sets that I’ve ever seen.

The curvaceous Visual Permeability Pavilion is made entirely out of wooden slats that flow in one continuous strip. The density of the slats were designed to hold three zones that serve a different purpose. The most dense zone is meant for sitting and walking, the medium zone's for backrest and the lightest zone is meant for shading. This is the perfect multi-purpose public seating that lets you hang out with a bunch of people and have some privacy at the same time.

The design was conceived by a group that includes Luis Alarcon, Aaron Berman, Michael Georgopoulos, Eun Ki Kang, Dayeon Kim, Nicole Kotsis, Jeeun Grace Lee, Aaron Mark, Hylee Oh, Steven Sanchez.