USB Hammer Lets You Pretend to Wreck Stuff

 - Feb 1, 2007
References: screensmasher
Someone's finally come up with a way to beat the bloody hell out of your computer without actually destroying it. The over-priced "Screen Smasher" from Monkeysoft comes with a hammer, a USB sensor and some software. You attach the USB sensor to one side of your monitor and plug the jack into your PC.

After installing the software, the USB sensor recognizes the foam hammer and whether or not you're swinging it. You will literally able to whack your screen (gently) and virtually smash -- it takes a few whack to smash the monitor "glass"-- to reveal the monkeys working inside your computer. It's a good and somewhat viscerally satisfying way to take out your frustrations or a rather lame way to access a not that intriguing screen saver.