These Domestic Virtual Assistants Do More Than Basic Admin Tasks

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: worldwide101 & worldwide101
Virtual assistants for business -- shouldn't all virtual assistants be for business? Search around for VAs and you'll find that most can perform basic duties, such as email, calendar and other administrative tasks -- but the benefits usually end there.

The modern entrepreneur has taken on an increasingly heavy workload. That leads to long hours and little time spent outside the business. While many can weather this kind of rigor for awhile, everyone reaches a breaking point. The modern entrepreneur is at high risk for burnout.

Business grade virtual assistants can help modern entrepreneurs create a more balanced life. Highly qualified, they can help with sales and marketing, social media, and the other myriad tasks that need doing in any business.

Worldwide101 prides itself on providing the highest level of service for its business clients. They can provide customer service, social media and digital marketing support, web design help and even project management.

In other words, virtual assistants for business are more like staff members than typical virtual assistants. More and more businesses are realizing the limitations of standard VAs and are seeking a business-class upgrade.