At the Villa Escudero Resort You Can Eat at the Bottom of a Waterfall

 - Jun 10, 2019
References: atlasobscura & delish
For those looking for a more unique restaurant experience, the Villa Escudero Resort is the ultimate foodie destination. Not only does the restaurant serves up delicious food, but you can actually enjoy your meal at the foot of an artificial waterfall.

The Villa Escudero Resort in the Philippines is located at the foot of Labasin Falls, which is an artificial waterfall with runoff from the Philippines' first hydroelectric plant. Tables are set up right in the water, so diners can literally kick off their shoes and wade towards the falls while munching on their meal. In terms of the menu, the restaurant serves up "a kamayan-style buffet of fish, rice, barbecued chicken and bananas (locally known as "banana cue"), fresh fruit, and more, all spread across banana leaves." To cap off the meal, diners can even fully submerge themselves in the waterfall.

Image Credits: Global Traveller International on Flicker.