The Huawei TE Soft Client Works on Desktop or Mobile Channels

 - Dec 21, 2015
References: e.huawei
The Huawei TE Video Conferencing Soft Client boasts a versatile design that lets users communicate through both desktop and mobile channels. The system is equipped with HD video capabilities and also features a clear resolution when streamed on smartphones.

Ideal for on-the-go professionals, this video conferencing platform allows for more than one communication method. In addition to its high quality screen resolution, the Huawei TE Soft Client also includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and noise suppression features and works to correct its resolution in instances where internet connections or Wi-Fi signals are weak.

Created for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems, this video conferencing platform is not only ideal for quick meetings that require video calls but is also a revolutionary way to share presentations or major announcements with those in another city.