Viceroy Snowmass and Aspen Outfitting Company Offer a Hunting Experience

The foodie with an adventurous spirit will love 'You Catch, We Cook,' an excursion offered by Viceroy Snowmass and the Aspen Outfitting Company.

Participants are given the opportunity to go out and hunt their own meal, which will then be prepared by Eight K's executive Chef Will Nolan in a live seminar format, teaching guests how to turn bloody game into a delicious homemade meal.

Those interested in taking a literal approach to the "farm-to-table" concept will enjoy the unique 'You Catch, We Cook' foodie adventure. And don't be alarmed -- if you aren't having any luck hunting, you'll be assisted by an Aspen Outfitting Company's expert hunters. In the event that that you come up empty-handed, you'll be treated to whatever fowl the restaurant has on hand.