The Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps People on the Road and in Their Lane

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: newscientist & dvice
Many drivers have either been the victim or culprit of inappropriately driving with high beams at one point or another; the vibrating steering wheel addresses this common issue. For those who shrug and think that the temporary blindness resulting from such encounters are normal and fine, think again. Those 'OMG' moments behind the wheel can prove deadly for some. The vibrating steering wheel would not only provide warning, but also direct people on the road until their vision clears.

Developed by Eelke Folmer and Burkay Sucu from the University of Reno in Nevada, the vibrating steering wheel uses sensing devices like GPS and lane keeping cameras to keep people on course. It does so by monitoring any drifting. For instance, if a person drifts left, the left side wil vibrate.