The 'ViBa' is a Vibrating Barrier That Could Help Keep Cities Safe

 - Jul 16, 2015
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A research team from the University of Brighton has developed a vibrating barrier that could help reduce earthquake damage by absorbing seismic vibrations. As cities continue to expand, protecting the urban environment from natural disasters remains a primary concern. In order to keep cities safe from earthquakes, new technology is needed to deal with seismic activity.

The 'ViBa' presents a potential solution to urban earthquake damage. The new vibrating barrier is designed to be buried deep underground and fixed to the foundation of urban structures. If an earthquake occurs, the barrier will absorb some of the vibrations produced by seismic waves in order to protect the buildings and keep them intact. If these devices are placed strategically throughout the city, the vibrating barriers could help to keep entire cities safe from earthquakes.

Currently the design is just a concept and still requires real-world experimentation. However, the technology is believed to be a viable solution to protect city infrastructure from earthquakes.