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 - Mar 30, 2014
References: gevrilgroup
Versace has always been a high-end luxury brand in the world of fashion; the sparkle and status inherent in the brand only available to those with deep pockets, lots of luck, or an obsession with their piggy bank. Versus Versace watches however are something else – a fusion line that holds onto Versace quality and feel while letting go of the high prices and fad-like shelf life of couture.

The Coconut Grove watch collection falls is in the category of Versus Versace watches, but it is still as fashion forward as ever.

The statement of the Coconut Grove Collection rises out of the unconventional neighborhood it is named after. The Coconut Grove region is the oldest neighborhood in Miami, Florida and continues to show visitors the "real Miami" experience with gallery tours, sailing regattas and offbeat festivals. This new collection of Versus Versace watches aims to give purchasers a similar insight into the couture world of Versace as Coconut Grove does for visitors of Miami.