This Ventzislav Iliev Series is Organic and Temporary

Sofia, Bulgaria-based photographer Ventzislav Iliev recently shot a series depicting various pieces of vegetable-crafted jewelry. Of course, the pieces are not meant to be actually worn, as they will rot, but rather to showcase the surprisingly elegant, fashion-savvy aesthetic of the plants.

From pepper necklaces to beet earrings, each piece is a feast for the eyes. The series is not meant to convey some environmental message though, but rather simply to convey the beauty of things often overlooked.

Ventzislav Iliev employs a dark, but not quite black and white color scheme. This gives the photographs a stylistic coherence, both throughout the series and each picture, while allowing the individual qualities of each vegetable to be showcased. The lighting, which tends to come in from the top right of each frame, enhances this effect.