Vent by Phone Lets You Rant Anonymously About Anything

 - Aug 28, 2009
References: ventbyphone & online.wsj
Vent By Phone is a unique concept that was created as a means for people to vent over the phone without being judged. No advice is given, and because their support phone lines are anonymous, callers are not required to provide a name to the listener.

Unlike venting over social networks where there is always a paper or video trail, there is no trail behind venting by phone. Vent By Phone does not work with your health care provider and does not offer any advice. Their service is strictly over the phone and is for people who want to be heard, and who don't need a shrink.

Vent By Phone, LLC charges by the minute. The first 3 minutes are free and any additional minutes are billed at $2.99 per minute.