This Vektor S/S Collection Features See-Through Style

The Vektor S/S '16 Collection is not for the stylishly shy. Composed of 33 looks, this collection is all about showing off your assets.

Founded in 2013 by Kristina Puljan and Martin Eichler, the Vektor brand has always been known for its simple yet unusual aesthetic, which it brands across sportswear and sci-fi-inspired apparel. The latest collection -- Vektor S/S '16 -- replaces the science fiction look with a less-is-more aesthetic. With a majority of the collection utilizing sheer fabric, this line will have wearers broadcasting their beautiful anonymity. Men's sheer t-shirts are paired with long shorts made of the same fabric, while women are offered sheer crop tops and maxi vests.

The Vektor S/S '16 Collection may be of minimal design but the collection definitely offers a major style impact.