The Vegan Snacks from Bedda are Light and Easy to Digest

A rise in health consciousness has opened up huge opportunities for plant-based food creators, especially those who specialize in vegan snacks.

The Bedda 'Vegan Fleischsalat' is a light vegan meat salad that's made with soy-free mock sausage meat. Because there is no actual meat in the product, the imitation sausages are extremely easy to digest, which will appeal to not only vegans, but those who have felt some of the repercussions of eating real meat in the past.

While there are now countless types of vegan meat products on the market, these tend to be designed and branded for meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between, imitation meats have barely breached the vegan snacks category, but Bedda is proving itself to be a leader on this front.