The Varidesk Allows for Quick Adjustments to Open Up More Work Space

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: ca.varidesk & workwhilewalking
Being able to create more work space on your desk is a dream come true and the 'Varidesk' allows for quick and easy variable height workstations. Having two different sizes allows for height adjustment on single and dual monitor computer set-ups.

The 'Varidesk' allows for two heights; you can set your computer low to your desk for regular computer use or to high to allow for notes to be kept below your computer. This is a perfect item to have for your desk if you are a researcher who loves to keep hand-written notes. The height allows for comfortable computing in households with people of different heights. A shorter person will be able to lower the screen down to their eye level while a taller person can raise it so they are not straining their neck from looking down all the time.