The 'Van Gogh Skirts' by Rodarte are Perfect for Summer

The 'Van Gogh Skirts' by Rodarte were originally shown off in the company's Spring/Summer 2012 show. They are now available for sale but be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

The dresses are made of all silk and the designs reflect two of Van Gogh's most famous works. The 'Starry Night' skirt looks absolutely magnificent with the see-through swirling blue sky and dazzling stars covering the silk. Rodarte's 'Sunflower' skirt would be especially appropriate for a summer picnic with its light turquoise colors and abundant flowers. To get one of these skirts would be quite difficult because there are only three 'Sunflower' skirts and only one 'Starry Night' skirt.

Anyone who is a fan of classic art is sure to love these skirts, especially as the hot summer weather approaches.