Tick is an Example of Quirky and Somewhat Useless Tech Gadgets

 - Feb 2, 2013
References: precise-ambiguities.net & artnau
The this imaginatively self-proclaimed useless application is meant for the naturally quirky to express their quirk within a technically extravagant fashion. Tick is a downloadable application that virtually twists and swirls the computer mouse movements on the screen. It is by no means efficient, and by all means fun and games.

"The efficiency and accuracy of the machine is slightly infiltrated by generated quirk. Although being totally programmed itself it asks for how easily we allow for exceptions or irregularities in an increasingly programmed reality" explains Moritz Greiner-Petter, the creator of this masterpiece.

People who enjoy the leisurely twirls of the mouse like to acquire the application for enjoyment purposes. However, infuriating rushed and non-tech savvy loved ones would be this app's main purpose in my household.