Domonick Gravine’s Bold ‘Roots Meet Their Future’

The ‘Roots Meet their Future’ editorial displays a vivid journey through the urban chic streets of a metropolis. Photographer Domonick Gravine does an amazing job of capturing the couture side of an urban setting through the varied scenes that are concocted for the series.

The most dramatic effect of the urban chic editorial comes from hairstylist and makeup artist Jessah Amarante. The makeup in ‘Roots Meet their Future’ is absolutely stunning as it crescendos through the vibrant colors that are often associated with the street art of an urban area.

What’s amazing is that not only is Amarante the hair stylist and makeup artist, she was also the art director of the shoot—talk about multitasking! The incredible team for ‘Roots Meet their Future’ does a wonderful job creating an aesthetically appealing editorial that pushes the boundaries.