Uplift Revealed is Targeted Skincare Mask for the Buttocks

 - May 26, 2018
References: barneys
Individuals looking for highly targeted forms of self-care and skincare would likely take interest in Nannette De Gaspe's Uplift Revealed: Tush mask.

The product is made for an unusual, or uncommon, purpose when it comes to skincare masks – it was designed specifically to lift and hydrate consumers' rears. The pads are saturated in a distinct formula, including the brand's Biomimetic MicroVector delivery technology, and water-retaining hyaluronic acid. The formula was designed to draw moisture to the area and improve the "elasticity and bounce" of users' rears so that they appear fuller.

The Uplift Revealed mask is ideal for individuals looking for topical methods of enhancing the appearance of their buttock region, without having to exercise or go through invasive procedures.