Nancy Rica Schiff Compiles Portraits of Unusual Jobs

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: nancyricaschiff & lostateminor
If you're bored at your desk every day, you can browse this book of unusual jobs and find yourself a more, let's say interesting occupation.

The book called Odd Jobs comes from photographer Nancy Rica Schiff, and takes a look at peculiar professions that are overlooked by most -- and for good reason. Whoever grows up saying they're going to be an armpit sniffer or a condom tester? Ok, maybe a condom tester doesn't sound so bad after all, but how about a dinosaur bones duster? This book captures some incredibly odd jobs that are never talked about, but have to exist.

This book of unusual jobs really hammers home the point that if there's a job out there, somebody in this world will do it.