Woven Nanostructured Fiber

 - Oct 14, 2007
References: technologyreview
Today's army is technologically dependent, including a reliance on batteries to power portable electronics. In the past, they've been functional, yet restrictive due to their heavy weight and bulk. Now a new technology is available to create fabrics that acts as rechargeable batteries.

"A novel machine that makes nanostructured fibers could be the key to a new generation of military uniforms that take on active functions such as generating and storing energy," Technology Review said.

"The fibers can be made of up to three different materials, arranged in regular, nanoscale patterns visible in cross section. What's needed are ways to store energy in less space and relieve soldiers of logistical burdens so that they can concentrate on their jobs."

With the clothing and body armor acting as the energy source, the weight of the batteries can be more evenly distributed.