The Ultraviolet Tattoo Shines Under Blacklight

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: reddit & psfk
Permanent body art is running rampant right now; for those looking to really stand out of the crowd, an ultraviolet tattoo may be the way to go. Barely detectable during the day, which is perfect for business types who need to maintain a conservative appearance, the tattoo is revealed only under a blacklight. The ultraviolet tattoo essentially glows in the dark under the skin.

Currently making waves across the internet is Redditor Kconn04's very own skeletal ultraviolet tattoo. He reveals that it does fade over time, so people who want to have one for a lifetime will have to be prepared for continual touchups. Although an ultraviolet tattoo seems particularly harmful, he also assures people that after five years, he has yet to experience any health problems.