The Typomaps Collection is a Travelling Designer's Dream

 - Oct 12, 2010   Updated: Jun 2 2011
References: & designspotter
The Typomaps collection is a cleverly designed set of maps consisting of countries, seas, and all other topography norms made out of typographic designs.

Designed in Germany, the Typomaps collection is a completely new product that follows the rise of typography as a recognized art form.

With typography jewelry, clothing, and even food, it's no wonder the Typomaps collection has made its presence known.

Implications - As the digital age has effectively over-saturated the world with information, individuals are growing much more apathetic towards ways they receive their messages. As such, certain companies are finding new, inventive ways to deliver the same messages. Corporations need to assess the way they communicate a message to consumers if they're to ensure that those messages do indeed get across.