The Tyler Shields Mischa Barton Shoot is a Bite of Raw Reality

 - Oct 11, 2011
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It's pretty commonplace for some celebs to drop off the map, but not many make their comeback to the spotlight with a photo shoot like the Tyler Shields Mischa Barton one, featuring the actress swathed in raw red meat.

Shields, the photographer known for his offbeat and somewhat controversial captures, has previously shot other young celebs in wacky positions and carries on his quirky preferences in these peculiar pics. After being contacted incessantly by Barton's Brazilian fan club, Shields contacted the estranged starlet and invited her to steak out in front of his lens. The takes include Barton looking fresh faced and disrobed while nonchalantly chomping at a slab of meat and using it as an over-sized, omnivorous eye-patch.

The Tyler Shields Mischa Barton shoot is obscure raw material that somehow managed to be both rare, yet well done.