Blackberry's 'Two Scoops' Ad was Directed by Robert Rodriguez

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: keepmoving.blackberry & adweek
Smartphone company Blackberry has released a short film called 'Two Scoops' in an effort to increase sails and garner interest from fans of darkly sensual action movies. To achieve this, Blackberry hired director Robert Rodriguez, creator of the popular Sin City film, to write and direct 'Two Scoops.' The resulting film is 11 minutes long and follows two ninja star-throwing twins as they search for their long-lost father.

'Two Scoops' is a playfully violent film that employs all of Rodriguez's trademarks: blatant sensuality, dark humor and, of course, cartoonish violence. Within the film's 11 minutes, the twins go from cotton candy-haired ice cream parlor maids to hardcore shootout survivors.

Blackberry's use of a famous Hollywood name like Rodriguez to direct attention back to the company is a clever marketing move. If the video goes viral, perhaps Blackberry will be on the tongues of consumers once more.