Twisted by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton Puts a Spin on Urban Settings

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Twisted by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton puts a spin on the recent photography fad of distorting existing skylines and urban buildings. Sitton spirals viewers into an eerie Twilight Zone with his images, into a place where physics don't exist and possibilities are endless.

Interestingly, the photo series Twisted by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton leaves much of the images untouched. To create a disturbed feeling of the surreal, Sitton contrasts the point of disruption with an otherwise typical scene. The result is the heralding of an unexplainable event. By pitting reality against fantasy, Sitton encourages his viewers to embrace their imagination while questioning what is real and what is not. Twisted explores these feelings of uncertainty with one's surroundings in a beautiful and expressive manner.