The Twist Me! Bookcase Encloses a Vice to Keep Your Novels From Tipping

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: mejdstudio
There is absolutely no need for bookends with the Twist Me! bookshelf -- just take a look inside of it. This marvelously peculiar piece of furniture is the hybrid product of ready-made components that affords great practicality.

Designed as part of the Lost & Found workshop by CA Flowers for Slovakia, this clever creation consists of a rectangular cubby that stands on four narrow legs. Inside of the compartment, you will see a pair of threaded wooden sticks. These penetrate the sides against timber nuts and have squared panels stuck to their inner ends. Because of the turned texture, the posts can be screwed in and out of MEJD Studio's Twist Me! Shelf. Push them all the way in to touch a row of novels, supporting them from toppling over.