Tweepify Gives Your Twitter Activity a Personality

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: 3baileys & mashable
If you've ever wondered what your Twitter personality would look like if it were embodied by a real person, the Tweepify beta will show you.

By entering in either your own Twitter handle or that of another person, the program creates a cartoon representation of what kind of a human you would be if your Twitter action was the defining element of your personality.

The beta was developed by the Matt, Jason and Brian Bailey brother trio and turns all of your Tweets, Re-Tweets, followers and overall social media presence into 'Tweeple' of varying heights, limb lengths and head and mouth sizes.

Someone who is constantly Tweeting, for example, would have a much larger mouth than someone who hardly uses their account and a longer-armed character implies that your posts have significant reach in the Twitter community.