Mainger's Cine-Hipsters Series Pays Homage to Famous Film and TV Titles

 - May 22, 2015
Graphic design studio Mainger is behind 'Cine-Hipsters,' a series of film and TV show logos that are digitally conceived. Resembling traditional hipster signage, these film and television-inspired art pieces are simplistic and are adorned with understated graphics.

Paying tribute to television shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Lost, these TV show logos are a new way to brand the famous titles. In addition to its television-inspired prints, this series also pays tribute to film titles like Back to the Future, Clockwork Orange and even Pulp Fiction.

Drawing inspiration from vintage graphic design, the logos are understated, requiring only text and visuals that are symbolic to each title. While Breaking Bad's logo features chemist-inspired imagery, Scarface's logo is accented with opulent architectural details--a reference to the films iconic mansion.