TRADE is the Trust for Rural African Development and Enterprise

 - Aug 15, 2012
TRADE, or the Trust for Rural African Development and Enterprise, is a non-profit organization recently launched by Katy and Philip Leakey. The Africa-focused project aims to develop and maintain sustainable, ecological and entrepreneurial industries throughout the rural regions of the continent.

TRADE's development strategy revolves around eight "guided principles" that it brings into its approach to community development, which includes stakeholder ownership, gender mainstreaming, diversification and sustainability. TRADE's projects follow a similarly structured development plan with three phases: community investment, income generation and empowerment and community re-investment.

Other social ventures that the Leakey's are involved with that we have previously covered on include their highly successful Zulugrass jewelry and Marula Oil, a beauty product line they founded with Dr. Ashton Kaidi, both of which are available through their lifestyle company the Leakey Collection.

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