This Company is Producing Greek-Style Yogurt with Triple the Milkfat

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: indiegogo & trndmonitor
A San Francisco-based company is running an Indiegogo campaign to produce an organic triple cream yogurt. In recent years, many consumers have turned to low-fat products as a way of making healthier dietary choices. This company believes that eating more dairy fat can actually be beneficial for consumers.

'Peak Yogurt' is producing the first triple cream yogurt from organic dairy products and live active cultures. The product contains triple the milkfat of traditional yogurt, which gives it a thick and creamy texture. The company claims that because dairy fat is clean burning, it is actually a great alternative to sugary yogurts. In fact, Peak Yogurt contains no added sugar meaning the product won't cause a spike in blood sugar.

The decadent yogurt provides a great source of energy for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to sugar-rich snacks.