Tri-Bot and Wrex the Dawg

 - Jun 13, 2008
References: nextbigtrends
WowWee, a toy manufacturer, just launched two amazing robots named the Tri-Bot and Wrex the Dawg.

The Tri-Bot is a joke telling, interactive robot with built-in games like Pattern, Minefield and Maze. The Tri-Bot is a unique, three-wheeled, mobile robot capable of moving in all directions. The user guides the robot with a buttonless remote control which responds to tilting, a motion then converted to infrared commands understood by the robot.

The robot has an animated face and comes with a tri-wheel, omni directional base, three motors, three infrared sensors, arms that can be posed, a speaker and an LED indicator.

The second, equally impressive robot is Wrex the Dawg. It is a robotic junkyard dog that looks like it was made from various spare machines parts. It has two legs in front and two wheels in back that enable it to move around autonomously. It can also be controlled using the same remote control used by the tri-Bot.

Wrex The Dawg can drive you crazy with its three behavior modes; it can be happy, angry or crazy. It is also has three bodily desires, exercise, hunger and poop. It also pants like a real dog, twitches its ears, wags its tail and turns its head.