The Traveling Light is Angled Outwards to Dangle as Desired

 - Dec 24, 2013
The Traveling Light embodies a simple concept and a straightforward design that allows you to install it quickly and easily, just about anywhere in your home. The quirky fixture has qualities of a pendant lamp and a wall lamp, yet it's really something quite different and special.

Jean-Charles Amey shows you what comes with the Traveling Light kit, having laid out a long wooden stick, a string, some hooks and nails, a big lightbulb, a lampshade and a cable. The setup requires you to choose a wall area within proximity to an electrical outlet, then to fix the thin post to its base and the drywall with the provided hardware. Run the Traveling Light's cord along the stick and tie that stick to the wall to make an illuminator that hangs towards the middle of the room.