Travelers by Bruce Catalano Embraces the Idea of Losing Oneself

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: brunocatalano & dailymail
Travelers by Bruce Catalano, a French sculptor, is a series that focuses on the idea of the nomad. Here one day and gone the next, the realistic sculptures look as though they are in the act of disappearing. A poignant look at the life of a constant traveller, it embraces the notion of calling the road one's home and everywhere in between just necessary stops along the way.

More than that, Travelers by Bruce Catalano also embraces the idea that people leave bits of themselves in every place they have visited. Catalano reveals, "I have travelled a lot and I left Morocco when I was 12 years old. I felt that a part of me was gone and will never come back.[...] I feel like this occurs several times during life and of course everyone has missing pieces in his or her life that he wont find again. So the meaning can be different for everyone, but to me the sculptures represent a world citizen."