Flies Will No Longer Be a Bother with the Trash Can Fly Catcher

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: yankodesign
Flies that love to buzz around your trash can will meet an end with the trash can fly catcher. The trash can fly catcher is a compartment lid that sits on your trash can that flies will buzz into and not be able to get out. With indented slots, the flies will think they are crawling into your trash for an epic meal; Little do they know that there is no coming back from this restaurant.

The cleanup is just as easy as the installation. With the flies now sitting in the lid's compartment, all you need to do is take the lid off and dump the contents into the trash. The trash can fly catcher is perfect for any space where food might be thrown out and sit for a few days. Restaurant kitchens will be able to feel safer knowing that the likelihood of a fly ending up in someone's soup has been significantly decreased.