This Transgender Story Introduces Modern Concepts in a Traditional Format

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: fastcocreate
This transgender story illustrates the life of a young prince who struggles growing up, feeling that he is living a lie and can not eventually rule the kingdom. He runs away to find his grandmother's spirit that allows him to magically transform into a princess. She returns home to be accepted by her parents and continues to rule the kingdom marvelously.

'The Royal Heart' is a timeless story that's not meant only for transgendered children but rather teaches courage, acceptance and love to all kids. While there is a growing movement toward modern gender-neutral stories and toys for children -- the author wanted to write this in a traditional format, using words like "thy" and "shall."

Written by actor and author Henry McGoon and illustrated by freelance Disney artist J. Orr, the transgender story is a masterpiece. Though it has concepts that may be seen as revolutionary by some, the children's fairy tale has the potential to be a bedtime classic.