The Trame Collection by in-es artdesign is Inspired by the Moon

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: in-es & trendir
If something seems out of sorts when browsing through the Trame Collection, that is because there is a unique element to each design found within it. In place of typical lampshade materials, the Trame Collection is made out of wool. Although this may not seem safe considering the heat of a light bulb, there is no need to worry as there is enough space between both to ensure nothing goes wrong. Not to mention that they are fixed in place with fire-retardant resin.

The Trame Collection was created by contemporary Italian lighting designer Oçilunam for in-es artdesign. Inspired by the moon and its lunar matter, the use of wool really captures the otherworldly textures and forms that reside on it. The Trame Collection offers a range of shapes and colors.