The Trakrok from Alexei Mikhailov is for Eco-Friendly Off-Roading

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: & ecofriend
The TrakRok from Alexei Mikhailov is perhaps the most badass eco vehicle ever designed. This Earth-friendly ATV has a tricycle design and is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell.

The TrakRok features design elements of both an ATV and a snowmobile, featuring a single rear wheel designed like a snowmobile tread and two front wheels. This design makes the TrakRok more versatile than most ATVs and should help keep riders from getting stuck in soft sand or mud.

The eco-friendly aspect of the TrakRok from Alexei Mikhailov is that all three of its wheels are powered by electric motors, which get their energy from hydrogen fuel-cells. The TrakRok's badass design coupled with its gas-free engine should endear it to off-roaders who are more conscious of the environment.