This Recipe Provides a New Way to Enjoy a Traditional Hanukkah Dish

The 'Public Lives, Secret Recipes' blog recently put together a recipe for a tasty holiday entree that provides a new way to enjoy a traditional Hanukkah dish. Latkes are fried potato pancakes generally enjoyed during Hanukkah. Although the dish has been a holiday staple for quite some time, there are many different ways to enjoy the festive entree.

This recipe puts a creative twist on the traditional Hanukkah dish by combining it with a classic American comfort food. The recipe first involves cooking two latke patties until golden brown. Once cooked, the latkes can be used as burger buns instead of eaten on their own. This particular recipe calls for a burger patty, some fresh lettuce, blue cheese and a dash of horseradish sauce. Although the recipe isn't kosher, it does provide a creative way to enjoy the holiday staple.

The recipe is perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade their annual Hanukkah feast.