The TrackR atlas Allows You to Pinpoint the Location of Items in Your Home

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: thetrackr & indiegogo
Those who are simply always misplacing their keys or putting stuff down and forgetting where it went are in desperate need of the TrackR atlas that'll help to create an interconnected network within your home to instantly find items in a snap.

The TrackR atlas works by plugging into outlets in your home and works with TrackRs to find stuff you just can't find. The compatibility that the TrackR atlas has with Amazon Echo allows you to verbally ask it "Where are my keys?" and get a response, making it ideal for mornings where time is of the essence.

The way that you choose to incorporate the TrackR atlas into your home is entirely up to you; whether you want comprehensive coverage or just a little, the system is easy to scale up or down to suit your needs.