The Towe Hanger Can Be Picked Up and Moved, Along with its Mess

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: shinnasano & adesignaward
It is not necessary for all furnishings and accessories in the home to have fixed places; inhabitants move, activities change and the modern living space really demands adaptability. The Towe Hanger is a marvelously lightweight object that serves to collect some of those more transient items, and it itself can be relocated with ease.

Designed by Shinn Asano, the wire frame coat rack mimics the shape of a tower, incorporating a four-footed base that rises up to a slightly broader midsection and terminates with a circular component and a handle on top. Consisting of both vertical and horizontal metal rods, the clothes rack offers a number of areas where garments can be hung, slung and propped. The Towe Hanger is great for hats, jackets, scarves and umbrellas and can be moved and concealed when company is visiting.