The Bradley is a Stylish Touch-Sensitive Timepiece for the Blind

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: kickstarter & likecool
Eone Timepieces has created a touch-sensitive watch that can be universally worn if you can and can’t see. The Bradley timepiece is stylish and functional and allows you to read the time when you’re in the dark or even if you’re blind.

The innovative feature of the Bradley watch is its time face. Instead of having written numbers, the Bradley has braille-inspired notches that you can touch and feel. While the majority of the numbers are marked by a line, the 12 is marked by a triangle so you can always figure out the time. The minute hand is a tiny ball baring that moves inside the hour marks. The timepiece is made from durable titanium and the wristband comes in a multitude of stylish colors.