The Touch Table is an Ever-Changing Interior Element

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: yankodesign
The reason you decorate a room is to give the space a little visual intrigue, so imaging the experience of a piece like the Touch Table by Simone Savini which is constantly in flux with its interior atmosphere.

The intelligent dining room feature has been coated with a heat-sensitive resin that give the surface and its legs a deep black color when it's cool, and a crisp white hue when it's warm. Fading to grey between the two polar extremes, this otherwise ordinary looking piece of furniture reveals an endless spectrum of intermediate shades.

The Touch Table by Simone Savini lets you play a guessing game with it each morning before you enter the kitchen. What will it look like today? One of its most compelling qualities is its reactivity to smaller areas of contact, meaning a hot dish or a warm hand can cause startling imprints on the solid surface.