This Laser Cut Tortilla Record Lets You Literally Play with Your Food

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: time & eater
Add a new flavor of music to your collection with this musical tortilla record. The creative mind of Jarabe Tapatio has designed a tortilla that can be placed on a vinyl record player and play music.

The uncooked flour tortilla is crafted with a laser cutter. After being produced the same way a vinyl record is produced, the tortilla can be placed onto a record player for you to enjoy the sounds of your food. After the song is over you can then proceed to eat the tortilla.

Jarabe Tapatio stresses the importance of using an uncooked tortilla because otherwise it will just shred. Using a flour tortilla is better than using a corn one because corn becomes too lumpy. While the musical tortilla record doesn't sounds like a work of art, the thought process and design are still very interesting.