The TORQ Gels are Made with the Optimal Carbohydrate Blend

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: torqfitness & trndmonitor
The UK-based company TORQ is selling a line of non-caffeinated energy supplements called TORQ Gels. Unlike other supplements on the market, these gels are made with the optimal carbohydrate blend for a uniquely powerful way to refuel.

The TORQ Gels are naturally flavored supplements made with a 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose blend. Maltodextrin is used because the ingredient has been show to be more effective than glucose when used in isolation. Moreover, when the ultra-fast energy boost from Maltodextrin is combined with the slow energy release of Fructose, there is a greater delivery of carbohydrate to the muscles. The result is a more effective delivery of energy to the body.

TORQ Gels are likely to appeal to consumers looking for a quick and effective way to refuel without resorting to caffeinated supplements.