The Torno Shelf by Inga Sempe Unites Virtue and Vice

 - Apr 7, 2011
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Unless you're the neat freak type, you may find your kitchen, living room and bedroom are always strapped for space. However, a simple solution like the Torno Shelf by Inga Sempe will effectively give you more surface with which to work.

The cork and clamp storage system is, in essence, incredibly uncomplicated. A basic bent metal, screw and stopper vice connects to the bottom of a bowl and platter made of bottle stopper material. Able to be braced to the edge of tables and counter tops, the adjustable contraption can be clasped to anything up to about 3 inches thick.

Taking up about as much space on culinary and work surfaces as single coin, the Torno Shelf by Inga Sempe offers an extra stand for anything you'd want to fit inside.