Bob Morehead's 'Toothpick Cities' is Intricate and Surreal

A US-based artist Bob Morehead has spent over eight years working on his project called 'Toothpick City.' The project is essentially a "city" of intricate sculptures that resemble buildings. The collection of sculptures are slowing making up his city, but the artist will continue to work away until he deems his city complete.

He created the collection entirely out of uncountable amount of toothpicks and glue. Though the total count of toothpicks is unknown, one of his largest works was made with over 100,000 toothpicks. It, along with its processors, is meticulously put together and includes intricate details like rocks, bricks and staircases.

Every building is put together so well that any onlooker would not know -- until they got a microscopic view -- that they were made from the simple everyday item.