Espresso Waffle's Tokyo-Inspired Eggette is Packed with Sugary Treats

 - Dec 7, 2017
Parramatta is a culturally diverse suburb in Australia, making it the perfect location for Espresso Waffle to test out these sugary 'Tokyo-inspired eggettes,' which put a playful twist on the traditional Hong Kong treat.

Eggettes are spherical egg waffles that can be enjoyed plain, but are often topped with fruit or chocolate, and rolled into a cone-like shape. The versatility of this treat makes it an ideal candidate for experimentation, as the cone is the perfect vessel for a variety of flavor combinations.

This particular eggette iteration features "root vegetable taro gelato with Oreos, Hong Kong lollies known as mochi and sweet taro sauce," all combined in a masterfully presented plate, appealing to those looking for a more decadent dessert experience.