Tokyo Style From The Street

 - Feb 16, 2007
References: tokyomade & tokyomade
Gwen Stefani refers to it's streets as a catwalk and Sophia Coppola's Lost in Translation paints a picture of a brighly lit parlour. Many who have been to Tokyo may decribe it as a virtual wonderland of fast paced fashion, titillating technology and tranquility on high speed. From the city that offers up so much intrigue, cuteness and raw fish on rice comes a new outlet of style and independant design TOKYOMADE.

TOKYOMADE describes itself as a Tokyo shopping adventure. An online project bringing style from the streets of Tokyo to a cyberspace community of trendsetters and design lovers. TOKYOMADE supports independant Japanese design, much of which takes a dash of old Japan and uniquely blends it with all things modern. Offering up everything from Harajuku kewpie dolls to modern recreations made from vintage kimono, TOKYOMADE is hot on the Tokyo trend trail.