An Interview with Tokyo Police Club

Graham Wright is the keyboardist for Tokyo Police Club, an indie band from Newmarket, Ontario. The group was formed in 2005, and since then has gone on to tour with Foster the People, and perform on The Late Show with David Letterman. The secret to success? Much of it involved "blindly ignoring logic," according to Wright, and hard work.

1) How did you get started in the music industry and what motivates you to continue?

We got started in the usual way: made a band, wrote songs, assumed we'd be wildly successful, blindly ignored logic, sense, and our parents, and managed to fall ass backwards into a pretty good situation. Then we started working really hard. As for what motivates us to continue, it's probably just the sense that we all think we could still get a lot better -- and we hate quitting.

2) How does the band reset to stay creative?

It's just about giving ourselves time and space -- learning to say no to some things and hold on to some breathing room has been crucial. Nobody likes to work under the gun, although of course sometimes it can't be avoided.

3) What is the key to innovation?

It all feels a bit frontier-y right now. On the surface, things are chugging along much as usual, but there's this deepening sense that nobody really knows what's going on anymore. That's terrifying in the sense that predicting anything becomes next to impossible, but liberating in the sense that all of a sudden there are countless new paths to success. If one thing doesn't work, you try something else. It's a time that's especially well-suited to people who don't mind fumbling around in the dark for a while.